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Cognitive-behavioural coaching

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Challenge? Change? Opportunity?

Cognitive-Behavioural Coaching can help you navigate through life’s terrain by developing perspective and greater resilience day-to-day.

What’s heading our way or already facing us can make us think we’re falling, or failing. Other times, we find we can take life in our stride and even enjoy meeting and managing the challenges and opportunities that come our way. Why is it we rise one moment and fall the next?

Life is series of challenges, changes and opportunities. That’s what makes life worth living. It gives us a sense of purpose and meaning. But it can also leave us feeling unsure, overwhelmed and, at times, in need of help.

Working together, I can help you form a new perspective that will allow you to look at your life, roles and relationships in new ways. Sometimes this is all that’s needed to help you think about what may come next, or it may be the first step in a journey to help you identify changes you may want to make. By exploring your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, we can start to find practical, realistic and achievable steps to make these changes happen.

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Consultation and support is available one-to-one, either in person or online,  or through half and full day workshops.


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