Susie Ballentyne Susie Ballentyne - Independent Psychologist

Fees & location


Research & consultation project and day rates on request.

Fees for Private Coaching

Initial 30 min introduction – free

Session 1 (2 hrs): Landscaping: 
Identifying key roles and identities – focusing on the key areas to develop – £140

Session 2 (1 hr): Waypoints*:
Identifying key goals and pathways to change – £70

Session 3 (1 hr): Reflect*:
Reviewing changes and progress towards goals – £70

* Sessions can be held as often as needed​. 90 min session are also available for £90 per session.

Corporate coaching rates on request

Fees for leadership development and Research & Consultation available on request.


Consultation and support is available one-to-one, either in person or online,  or through half and full day workshops.


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