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Identity Leadership

Everyone is born with the capacity to lead.  

It is not the preserve of the charismatic few, but a potential we all have. But effective leadership requires us to think beyond ourselves, to look at those we lead and the context in which they are led.

Traditional approaches to leadership development tend to get stuck. The focus on personal attributes dominates our thinking when it comes to ideas of what makes a good leader. New advances in psychology[1] turn our attention towards Identity Leadership; leadership as a process of social influence, identity and power. By working with the very latest thinking around organisational dynamics, we explore the identities of teams and organisations and examine how leadership emerges from the relationship between all those working towards a common goal.

My leadership development work takes a number of forms. I work both independently as well as with Bob Judson, co-Director and co-founder of our consultancy, Leading 4 Life. As former Air-Vice Marshall and Director at Deliotte, Bob brings over 40 years experience of leadership, which together allows us to deliver informed, empirical and valid expertise.

We work with teams and small groups of leaders within organisations in a variety of development programmes exploring Identity leadership and the associated issues of Emotional Intelligence, inter-personal communication and strategic planning.

We also work with leaders and followers together, to map identities, and focus on aligning key visions, motivations and aspirations.

In addition to these workshop-based events, I also offer Identity Leadership Coaching one-to-one, in person or online.

All these can be complimented with personality assessments (NEO-PIR), and Emotional Intelligence Profiling (EIP) for groups and individuals.

[1] 1. Haslam, Reicher & Platow (2010); Haslam et al. (2017).

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