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Susie Ballentyne

Evidence-based insight.

For over twenty years I have worked and led research teams across government within the field of behavioural science. My research practice has always focused on how psychology can be used in real-life, often in highly challenging contexts. Much of my experience has been about understanding how to access remote, or complex research groups whilst ensuring valid and reliable insights. My research has invariably led me to work with people from different cultures and backgrounds, in sometimes risky and unstable environments. Understanding cross-cultural psychology and challenging the assumptions of western thinking is something I’m particularly passionate about. My approach is about blending the best tools for the job; I have often found the most reliable and nuanced knowledge comes from mixing methodologies, drawing on theory and frameworks across the social and political sciences, and working in multi-disciplinary teams.

Good, well-designed and applied research is key to developing well-informed policy and practice. Whether it’s to understand and implement business change, design communication strategies or build better teams and every-day behaviours, I can offer a range of evidence-based insights based on valid, behavioural science and empirical research. Identify the challenge, and I’ll help you identify the pathway through.

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Consultation and support is available one-to-one, either in person or online,  or through half and full day workshops.

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